Tales from Earthsea

9/1 - 9/3 - Rosebud Cinema
Tales from Earthsea


Playing in the Rosebud Cinema
Date Time
Fri, 9/1 - Sun, 9/3 10:00am
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Our final film for Summer of Ghibli Fest 2023: From the legendary Studio Ghibli comes TALES FROM EARTHSEA (2006), an animated fantasy epic based on the classic book series by Ursula K. Le Guin.

As crops dwindle and dragons reappear, mankind stands on the verge of total chaos. Lord Archmage Sparrowhawk, a powerful wizard, and Arren, a troubled young prince, search for the force behind this mysterious imbalance that threatens to destroy the land of Earthsea, in a tale of redemption and self-discovery that will take your breath away. Featuring the voices of Timothy Dalton, Willem Dafoe, Cheech Marin, and Mariska Hargitay.

PG-13, 1h 55m. Dubbed in English.

"The set pieces make this well worth watching while director Goro Miyazaki shows he's truly his father's son." – Empire Magazine

"Visual splendour." – London Evening Standard

"The sights and sounds are splendid." – New York Post

"A worthy addition to the singular Ghibli canon." – Time Out