Ball of Fire

12/4 - Exclusive Member Event
Ball of Fire


Playing in the Rose Theatre
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Join us for a madcap screwball comedy from director Howard Hawks! Starring Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper.

The pursuit of knowledge leads to the pursuit of love in this zany film by director Howard Hawks. The plot revolves around eight professors working on an encyclopedia, including grammar expert Bertram Potts (Gary Cooper). In performing some field research into slang terminology, Bertram meets nightclub performer "Sugarpuss" O'Shea (Barbara Stanwyck). Intrigued by her colorful language, Bertram asks for her help, but Sugarpuss is actually the one in need of help, as the police are looking for her. The authorities want Sugarpuss to provide information on her boyfriend, mob boss Joe Lilac (Dana Andrews).

On the run from the cops, Sugarpuss seeks refuge with Bertram and the professors and uses this time to teach the academics about the ways of the world. She also teaches Bertram a thing or two about relationships. When Joe selfishly attempts to marry Sugarpuss, so that she cannot testify against him, Bertram begins to realize his feelings for his street-smart educator. The only question is, has Sugarpuss learned to love Bertram?